SecureAll Screens

Secures your home or business, by preventing unlawful entries, discouraging intruders, and keeping out animals & pests

No Bars or Shutters…Just Security with a View & Care-free Ventilation!

Our stainless steel screens significantly reduce the chance of unwanted entries and costly vandalism when compared to ordinary windows and doors. We provide secure solutions for your home, cottage or business.

Premium Security Screens

SecureAll Screens, made from high tensile 304 stainless steel wire, are a window security solution for vulnerable points of your home or business that still require airflow. SecureAll Screens are significantly – if not incomparably – stronger than ordinary mesh screens.

Protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets from intruders with our security screens on your windows and doors.

Great For Porch & Deck Enclosures

Expand & beautify your living space with a custom screen enclosure!
SecureAll Screen enclosures are built using our SecureAll Stainless Steel Screens. Our product is solid and will not rip or tear the way that other traditional screen enclosures do. Our low-maintenance stainless steel screens provide a safe place for young children and pets to be outside.

Great For Porch & Deck Enclosures

Enjoy that great outdoor feeling without the worry of mosquitoes and other pests. Screen enclosures are the perfect addition to any home or cottage since they do just that – provide access to the outdoors without the interference of pests & critters. They also expand your living space while and add value and selling appeal to your home.

Dollar for dollar, screen enclosures are considered one of the best investments into your dwelling! Any screen enclosure owner will tell you, during those short and precious summer months, they spend most of their time lounging in their screen rooms with friends and family.

What is a Security Screen?

A security screen is different from undesirable security bars, although it performs to the same standard. Security bars give a home or business an institutional feel, whereas our security screens, on the other hand, do not take away from the curb appeal that you seek.

Our security screens are made from a high-tensile stainless-steel mesh and are fitted into a heavy-duty extruded-aluminum security frame, which keeps vandals from cutting or kicking their way through.

Protection from man-made threats

  • Sleep with your windows open – without the fear of an unwanted intruder entering your home
  • Protects your home from home invasions & break-ins
  • Cannot be cut with box cutters or similar knives
  • Protects window glass from vandalism

Protection from natural threats

  • Keeps out unwanted wildlife
  • Screens out flies, mosquitos, and other insects
  • Blocks 60% of harmful UV rays
  • Will not rust or erode
  • Pet proof! Animals cannot claw or chew through the mesh

Child Fall Safety

On average, 5,000 children in the United States are injured by falling from a window each year. Research shows that many of these falls are easily avoidable by taking precautions like moving furniture or installing locks to the windows.

But even with the proper measures in place, accidents can still happen. When it comes to the safety of your loved-ones, there’s never enough that you can do. Until now.

SecureAll Screens are the ideal security solution for windows that open to allow airflow in your home. Ordinary screen mesh will rip open if someone is leaning against it. Pets can tear through those screen doors & windows; but they can’t tear through this.

SecureAll Screens keep what’s meant to be inside inside, and what’s meant to be outside outside.

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Customer Reviews

Love the sliding screen option no view obstruction now by screen !
Jason the install fella was a lovely young man from the moment he contacted me to his detail to ensure everything went smoothly


We had a similar product in our previous home and were delighted to find Metalex carried something very similar. Love the front screen/security door as well as 2 patio sliding doors. Will be great in warmer weather to get a cross breeze of fresh air without worrying about security issues esp at night.

Install was quick and professional. Not cheap but well worth the expense

Unnamed Customer

From beginning to end product and service exceeded my expectations. All staff were friendly, helpful and accommodating. Installation was perfect and I love the product.
Really great experience.


This is the second project Metalex has done for me, as I had my own security storm door and screen installed in 2016. This time it was for my Mom, 2 security storm doors, security screen and security bars. Excellent products, workmanship and customer service. Love the end result.

Elena R.

Protecting Canadian Families and Businesses for Over 35 Years!

Tom Reimer established the business in 1986 after a personal experience of having to break into his own home after losing his keys. The point of entry was through the basement window which provided easy access.

It became immediately obvious that the basement windows were very vulnerable to break and enter. Tom devised a metal window guard for his windows and, subsequently, half the neighbourhood! Hence, Metalex Security Products was born.