Residential Security Solutions

Secure your home and don't give home invaders or burglars a chance to enter your house. Prevention is the best security for your home.

Let’s experience the power of expertice

With over 35 years of experience we can help you keep intruders out of your home. We have solutions for every door or window around your house.

Security with a touch of elegance

Enhance the appearance of your home while providing security and peace of mind.

Available in a wide range of colours

We can help you find the best colour, that will fit your home and will please the eye.


Let us help you find the best solutions for your home and protect your loved-ones and valuebles

Custom fit for every door and/or window

Every screen will be custom made to the specifications of your door or window.


Get the ultimate protection for your family against home invasions and break-ins.

Don’t just rely on your alarm and camera system – they are good at letting you know that something bad is happening but not at preventing it!

Safe-T-Screen cannot be cut with a box cutter or similar knives and is capable of withstanding the impact of sledgehammers, hammers, crowbars, baseball bats and other typical break and enter tools.

Security mesh, the solution against break-ins

An easy and affordable way of protecting your house against unwanted guests. 

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