Metalex Security Bash Test 2018

The 2018 Home Show was so much fun and we were so glad to meet and talk to many of you. Thank you to everyone who gave the screen their best shot!

See you next year!

To Stop A Thief!

Your home is where you feel most secure and protected. A break-in is not only a financial loss but a traumatic and emotional experience; a violation of your personal space. A false sense of
security can leave anyone vulnerable! Criminals will always look for easy targets. The following tips will help thwart a thief!

Signs of life are your first defense. Intruders don’t look for confrontation and when in doubt they will move on. When you are not at home consider leaving a dog leash near the front door, leave your radio or TV on any talk show and install a video doorbell that connects to your smart phone.

Tom Reimer of Metalex Security has noticed a drastic shift in burglars’ methods. The most common point of entry is the front door. Why? It is presumed that the victim has an alarm and the majority of entry doors are not secure even with a deadbolt lock. It is only held back with a weak pine door frame and a small strike plate that is normally less than 1?2’’ from the edge. One quick kick and they are in!

Now the presumed alarm would allow up to a minute delay before activation; enough time for them to run upstairs and search for your jewellery box and any other valuable items.

The most popular solution for this growing trend is provided by Metalex Security and referred to as Security Storm / Screen Door with standard built-in features such as all welded steel construction; heavy-duty deadbolt locks, glass and screen for insulation, carefree ventilation and the most important feature is that it swings outward which means that it cannot be kicked in!

Metalex, a local security company has many styles and options to choose from, including window guards, patio gates and their newest product, The Better Safe a wall safe that can
mounted between your wall studs in a secret hiding space.

Better Safe … than sorry

Having a safe in your home, gives you peace of mind knowing that your valuable and precious items are kept safe!

Having easy access to a secure and hidden wall safe gives you the added convenience of using this daily. This becomes even more convenient when the safe has a touch pad secret combination lock.

Most home owners who do have conventional large safes find it a hassle to put valuable items away on a daily basis.

The key is usually hidden in one place while the safe is stored away under a staircase or alike… A smaller wall safe fits into a conventional cupboard or hidden behind a painting and is securely installed into the drywall and fastened between the wooden studs. This makes it easily accessible to the home owner yet difficult to locate by an intruder of any person who is already in your home and looking for an opportunity to pocket something of significant value.

Precious items such as jewelry, cash, gold, credit cards and identification documents are easily located in a single safe location. Having a secure, hidden and dedicated place to keep your precious items provides you with peace of mind.

Five Seconds Can Change Your Life… So Quickly Do We Forget?

Over the years of us being in the physical security business it has always puzzled me how the human mind can change from utter shock and panic to absolute complacency.

I am writing about the numerous times we have been called upon, often on the recommendation of the local police, to visit a home that has just been broken into where the owners have just been violated both physically and emotionally.

At that time when the memory of this terrible experience is so vivid, we are asked to quote and give advice on securing every possible entry point of the home to make sure that this life changing terrible experience can never happen again.

We start at the most obvious entry point, the front door.  One of the main reasons why the front door is the most vulnerable point of entry is that the burglar can walk straight up to the front door without bringing any attention to him and is completely “innocent” until the actual time of break and entry.

There is no loitering or sneaking around the back where if seen would bring attention to this suspicious behaviour.

Back to the main point of this blog – We would recommend a Security Screen/Storm door for the front.

Being made of steel, and hinged to swing outwards, this door cannot be “kicking” inward; the door is also fitted with all glass for the winter months and an interchangeable screen for the summer.

Not only would this give security to the home but would enable the occupant to leave the internal entry door open giving carefree ventilation during hot days and at the same time save on energy costs.

For the basement windows we would recommend our Guardian hinged type window guards, for the other ground floor windows we would recommend either our discrete colonial style window guards or for the more ornate look our Spanish window guards.

 Gatemadrid double patio gate

For Patio or French doors we would recommend a range of styles of patio gates or for the more subtle look, our Security Safe-T-Screen Hinged or Sliding Doors.

 Hammer Test Pic

Our initial work is done and the home owner is thrilled and anxious for us to submit our quote.

Much care and attention is made to detail and pricing as we know that time is of the utmost importance in order to give the home owner time to think things through allowing for budget restraints’ and personal taste.

The quote is emailed off and acknowledged with thanks!

Time goes by and much personal discussion takes place …. Discuss with the family, discuss with friends discuss with other companies supplying electronic security.

With this passing of time and procrastination the initial panic and anxiety lessen and the importance of “real” physical security does not seem to be that important anymore.

The items within the quote are either reduced or the complete idea of having security if forgotten.

… Until the neighbour up the road gets broken into.

Human nature ?????

I have an alarm, why do I need window guards?

We have done a ton of home shows thought the years and without fail this is the most common question that I get asked. So, let’s run though the differences between the two.

First of all: Alarms are not bad! They just don’t do the whole job.

  • most alarms are easily disabled (by cutting the phone line or ripping the alarm box out of the wall) making them at that point useless.
  • when they aren’t disabled they also suffer from being very low priority calls for police officers (because over 90% of calls are false alarms) meaning that it can easily take over 20 minutes for the police to arrive at the scene; more than enough time for the burglar to be long gone.

Unfortunately, because of these reasons alarm systems have stopped being a major deterrent for burglars. Who now know they simply have to change the way they break in to deal with them.

This is where our products step in!

We have a wide variety of different products but they have all been developed with a single purpose in mind. That purpose is to keep people out! We do this in a number of ways:

  • On our security screen doors we use a series of vault pins on the inside of the frame so that it cannot be removed when locked even if all exterior screws are removed. We also put a double deadbolt lock on the door so that a key is necessary to unlock it from both sides.door
  • On our exterior window guards we fill all screws with a two part epoxy so they cannot be easily unscrewed.


  • And on our interior window guards we caulk the entire frame of our window guard to the frame of your window to make it as though it is one piece. This increases the strength of the bar and makes it so the bar cannot be easily removed even if the screws are taken out.

Now this brings me to the upside of alarms; although they aren’t overly effective on their own when used in conjunction with our products it creates a situation where they cannot easily get in and they are on a strict time limit. In our experience this has proven to be the most effective way to discourage people from breaking in.

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