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Get the ultimate protection for your family against home invasions and break-ins.


Virtually unbreakable, shatter proof, crystal clear sheet that is up to 200 times stronger than ordinary glass.

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Secures your home or business, by preventing unlawful entries, discouraging intruders, and keeping out animals & pests

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Keep your house secure, while you are away

Metalex Security Products is a leading manufacturer of advanced security doors and window guards designed for both residential and commercial use. Our products, known for durability and aesthetic appeal, blend innovative technology with high-strength materials to provide optimal protection.

Metalex is recognized for integrating security solutions seamlessly into modern architecture, making them a trusted name in the industry for effective and reliable safety products.

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Find your perfect solutions to secure your house

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Security Solutions for Every Building, Whether Home or Business

Explore our comprehensive range of security products, designed to provide unparalleled protection for both residential homes and commercial properties.


Metalex Security Products offers residential customers a variety of security screen doors, window guards, and screened enclosures designed to enhance safety without sacrificing style.


We provide commercial customers with robust security doors, window guards, and screened enclosures, that meets the safety and durability requirements of business environments.
What we offer

With a wide range of Security Screen Products - we have your house or business covered.


Get the ultimate protection for your family against home invasions and break-ins with our Safe-T-Screen.


Virtually unbreakable, shatter proof, crystal clear sheet that is up to 200 times stronger than ordinary glass.

Crimsafe Security Screens

Crimsafe is stronger than the rest. That’s no boast, just a fact. You get maximum security, with a great view.

Storm Doors

Enhance the appearance of your home while providing security and peace of mind. Heavy gauge steel ensures protection.

Security Gates

Ultra secure gates that allow you to leave the door open and the screen in place, providing ventilation and peace of mind.

SecureAll Screens

Expand your living space with a screen enclosure! SecureAll Screen enclosures use our SecureAll Stainless Steel Screens.
Security mesh, the solution against break-ins

An easy and affordable way of protecting your house against unwanted guests. 


Get the ultimate protection for your family against home invasions and break-ins.

Don’t just rely on your alarm and camera system – they are good at letting you know that something bad is happening but not at preventing it!

Safe-T-Screen cannot be cut with a box cutter or similar knives and is capable of withstanding the impact of sledgehammers, hammers, crowbars, baseball bats and other typical break and enter tools.

Why Choose us

Experience, Security and proven to work

Tom Reimer established the business in 1986 after a personal experience of having to break into his own home after losing his keys. The point of entry was through the basement window which provided easy access.

It became immediately obvious that the basement windows were very vulnerable to break and enter. Tom devised a metal window guard for his windows and, subsequently, half the neighbourhood! Hence, Metalex Security Products was born.

Proven Technology

we equip the Greater Toronto Area with cutting-edge security doors and window solutions, backed by industry-leading technology trusted for reliability and effectiveness.

35+ Years of Experience

Metalex Security Systems brings over three decades of expertise to the Greater Toronto Area, delivering unmatched quality in security doors and window solutions.

Certified Expert

We are recognized as a leader in the field, our experts ensure the highest standards of security and craftsmanship in every installation.

Premium Support

Metalex Security Systems offers exceptional, customer support, ensuring that all your security needs are met with promptness and professionalism.

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Metalex Security Products is a proud local business in Scarborough, ON and pride ourselves for our high service level. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


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