About Us

The President and founder, Tom Reimer established the business in 1986 after a personal experience of having to break into his own home after losing his keys. The point of entry was through the basement window which provided easy access.

It became immediately obvious that the basement windows were very vulnerable to break and enter. Tom devised a metal window guard for his windows and, subsequently, half the neighbourhood! Hence, Metalex Security Products was born.


Our areas of expertise and material of choice lie mainly with carbon steel and can be custom made to size, colour and style. They can be as plain and utilitarian or as fancy
as you want. We create projects that can be either ornamental or architectural.

While Metalex Security Products Inc. has a large selection of standard designs and patterns to work from, we can also do intricate custom work. We are pleased to work along with our customers to custom fabricate extraordinary items to their specifications. When you combine Tom’s experience with that of our creatively talented, experienced and dedicated staff, we can’t help but be good! We offer free shop-at-home service and deliver and install all our products.

Old world values such as pride in workmanship, on time delivery and customer satisfaction are not just virtues; they are our way of life. Give us a chance to prove ourselves to you – you won’t be disappointed.

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A Word From Our President

With growing concern among businesses and homeowners for greater security, Metalex Security Products Inc. offers door and window guards as a major part of its repertoire. In some cases, insurance companies are refusing coverage to properties without appropriate window guards. “In my opinion, security window and door guards are a great addition or alternative to alarms. “Alarm systems tend to be expensive and response times are often slow. A visual barrier acts as a deterrent. If it’s difficult to break-in, the thief usually opts to go on to the next house.”

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