Safe-T-Screen Technology
Far from Ordinary.

Swinging Hinged Doors

Enhance the appearance of your home while providing security and peace of mind. Heavy gauge steel mesh ensures the most reliable protection against intruders.

Custom-fitted to your specifications, our doors allow care free ventilation and air flow. This can mean huge savings on your energy bills.

Available Doors Models

Single Hinged Door

Double Door: Two Doors on Two Tracks


  • You can sleep with your windows open, without the fear of an unwanted intruder entering your home
  • Provides protection against home invasions and break-ins.
  • Allows ventilation with a clear view
  • Protects the existing window’s glass unit from flying objects in tornado and high wind conditions
  • Protects window glass from vandalism
  • Cannot be cut with a box cutter or similar knives
  • Withstands the impact of sledgehammers, hammers, crowbars, baseball bats and other typical break and enter tools
  • Screens out flies, mosquitoes and other insects
  • Blocks an average of 60% of harmful UV rays, reducing the fading of the painted exterior of your doors and windows
  • Reduces glare
  • Pet proof. Dogs, cats and other domestic animals cannot chew or claw through the mesh
  • Will resist entry by unwanted wildlife allowing you to leave your doors and windows open for fresh air
  • Will not rust or corrode

Available Colours

Diagrams & Configurations

Expanded View

Two Sliding Doors on Two Tracks

Single Sliding Door on Single Track

Worry-Free Warranty.

This warranty covers all parts and labour for 10 years on Safe-T-Screen Doors

This warranty does NOT cover damages caused by: misuse, abuse, alterations, accidents, break-ins, acts of God, fire, structural movement of the building.

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