Security Porch Enclosures

Looking back to the 60’s Aluminum porch enclosures were all the rage, they were popular because it was a unique and affordable way to add usable space to any roof covered porch.

They would come standard with glass and screen, providing winter time wind insulation and bug free ventilation in the summer. Unfortunately, they have become old and tired taking away from the overall beauty of the home.

Going forward to the present. Metalex, a local firm based in Toronto has taken this concept to a whole new level. Since 1986 Tom Reimer and his team have been supplying the GTA with decorative and super secure Storm / Screen doors and have built a reputation as the leader in this very niche field.

Over the last year Tom Reimer states ”we have notice a trend of home owners asking for their old and sagging enclosures to be removed and replaced with a modern and updated Metalex Security enclosure” They will even provide a photo overlay showing a before and after prior to taking the plunge.

Metalex has over 30 unique styles, from contemporary to a forged look that exudes Elegance! The most unique aspect of a Metalex enclosure is that underneath the beautiful appearance is the bold strength of steel. The doors opening into the enclosure is made to withstand the most aggressive break in attempt with its all welded construction and the heaviest dead bolt lock on the market, these enclosures will hold back more than insects.

The company’s mantra is “A great way to greet friends and family and a safe way to encounter strangers”

If you are interested in a makeover or a brand new installation please contact us to arrange a free in house consultation.