Juliette Balcony Railings

Balconies have been around for quite some time but the most popular one is definitely the Juliette Balcony. This particular type of balcony is obviously inspired by the play Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare in which Juliet is sitting in a balcony while being courted by Romeo. Even if the play on its own doesn’t state that Juliet is at a balcony, many artists have portrayed her at a balcony in a variety of artworks based on the popular play.

As you can see from the image, there are quite a lot of things that characterize a Juliet balcony, one of them being the fact that it’s not an imposing structure. In fact, it doesn’t protrude much out of the building and most of the time it’s integrated into the upper floor, the only thing that makes it look like a balcony being a small balustrade that can be found in the front.