• Q: What are the doors made of?
    A: The doors are made of reinforced steel with decorative aluminum castings.
  • Q: Do the doors come with Screens?
    A: Yes – The doors come standard with one interchangeable screen for the upper panel. Additional screens can be ordered.
  • Q: Does the door have Glass?
    Yes – The doors are custom fitted with safety glass in all panels.
  • Q: Do the doors come in different colours?
    Yes – There is a variety of colours available.
  • Q: Are the doors custom made to odd sizes?
    Yes – The doors in most cases are custom manufactured to fit and suite every situation.
  • Q: What happens if someone breaks the screen and opens the door?
    The locks are double sided “dead bolt” and a key is required to open them from either side.
  • Q: What warrantee is there?
    The doors are warranted against any manufacturing defect. The metal is subjected to a five stage system wash before the powder coating colour is applied.
  • Q: Will it keep my pets’ safe inside?
    Yes – Most of our customers with pets leave the bottom glass panel intact. This will keep pet’s safe inside.
  • Q: Can the side lite and transom be done?
    Yes – We can match the design of the door for side lites and transoms.
  • Q: What sort of locks do they have?
    Our doors are fitted with heavy security double dead bolt locks and finishers, which both enhance the beauty of the door and keep it secure.
  • Q: How can I secure my windows?
    We have a variety of window guard solutions to secure windows as well as patio doors and any other venerable area.