How Practicing To Burglarize Your Own Home Can Help You Defend Yourself

The best defense is sometimes a good offense. We are often blind to our own weaknesses and when it comes to home invasion, it is important to make sure you are able to identify the blind spots that are preventing your family from being truly safe. Sometimes it is easy to become blinded by overconfidence and leave yourself completely unaware that you might have a problem to begin with. We rely on alarms, front door locks and other basic security means to feel like we have our homes on complete lockdown. Feeling safe is important, but you need to make sure that sense of security is well founded. After all, very few homes are truly impenetrable.

A great way to test the true safety of your residence is to take an afternoon and assess how you might break into your home. If you were a burglar scouting the house out and scheming to make a quick entrance and exit, how would you do it? Maybe you’ll realize that window by the bed of rocks could be easily smashed and opened. Maybe you’ll realize how easy it could be to scale up the side of the house to reach that second floor window, which you often leave open to get some fresh air in the house. Perhaps it wouldn’t be as hard to crawl into those basement windows as you might have thought, or find that “hidden” spare key that you keep around just in case. Do you think it would be easy to break down your front door? If you set off the alarm, how many valuables do you think you’d have the chance to grab before the alarm company calls you to check if it was a false alarm, and then the cops?

Why not take the relatively miniscule amount of time to reassure your sense of impregnability? A majority of burglars will spend the time to do their research and scout out a potential victim’s home. Why shouldn’t you find those weaknesses first, and take the necessary steps to strengthen your defenses? It’s certainly better than waiting until it’s already too late.


Written by: Jesse Saunders