The Raccoon Invasion: Protection Against Nature’s Burglar

Having our living space entered, our privacy violated and our valuables stolen are a serious concern and something we strive to protect ourselves against. We often equate our security concerns solely based around the threat of home invasion, rightfully so. Today however I’d like to draw attention to another threat plaguing Torontonians. Nature’s burglars: Raccoons.

Chances are that if you live in Toronto you’ve had your fair share of run-ins with these wild critters. We are considered “the raccoon capital of the world” after all. As Torontonians, it’s hard not to feel like we are increasingly at their mercy. Not only are they everywhere you look, they can also be very dangerous due to the amount of disease they might carry.

Our biggest problem is that it seems to get harder and harder to keep raccoons out. Look how many variations of our garbage bins we’ve gone through in recent years after all. They tear through screen doors like a knife through butter and make us feel unsafe if we want to enjoy a beautiful summer night, with our screen door allowing the evening breeze to circulate. What if the raccoon smells the dinner you’re cooking and wants to help himself? What if you have a small animal or child? It’s not unlikely for a raccoon to rip that screen right open and waltz in. Even in less dramatic cases, it’s not uncommon for raccoons to destroy screen protected decks, mark their territory, and continue destroying replacements.

So what’s the solution? Do we admit defeat and reach the conclusion that we just can’t enjoy nice things anymore, without putting ourselves at risk? Well, I like nice things. Safe-T-Screen doors have been a lifesaver for those eager to reclaim their peace of mind. Built with a powerful stainless steel security screen mesh, powder coating, and a three point locking system. Without sacrificing an unobstructed view or airflow. They could keep out a bear; a raccoon doesn’t have much chance.

There are at least a dozen of reasons to improve your home security and often in these conversations raccoons are overlooked. They might not be the threat you’re most worried about, but after replacing your screen a dozen times; it’s worth investing in a better option. After all, isn’t the definition of insanity repeating the same mistake and expecting different results?

By Jesse Saunders