To Stop A Thief!

October 13, 2015

Your home is where you feel most secure and protected. A break-in is not only a financial loss but a traumatic and emotional experience; a violation of your personal space. A false sense of
security can leave anyone vulnerable! Criminals will always look for easy targets. The following tips will help thwart a thief!

Signs of life are your first defense. Intruders don’t look for confrontation and when in doubt they will move on. When you are not at home consider leaving a dog leash near the front door, leave your radio or TV on any talk show and install a video doorbell that connects to your smart phone.

Tom Reimer of Metalex Security has noticed a drastic shift in burglars’ methods. The most common point of entry is the front door. Why? It is presumed that the victim has an alarm and the majority of entry doors are not secure even with a deadbolt lock. It is only held back with a weak pine door frame and a small strike plate that is normally less than 1?2’’ from the edge. One quick kick and they are in!

Now the presumed alarm would allow up to a minute delay before activation; enough time for them to run upstairs and search for your jewellery box and any other valuable items.

The most popular solution for this growing trend is provided by Metalex Security and referred to as Security Storm / Screen Door with standard built-in features such as all welded steel construction; heavy-duty deadbolt locks, glass and screen for insulation, carefree ventilation and the most important feature is that it swings outward which means that it cannot be kicked in!

Metalex, a local security company has many styles and options to choose from, including window guards, patio gates and their newest product, The Better Safe a wall safe that can
mounted between your wall studs in a secret hiding space.

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