Better Safe … than sorry

Having a safe in your home, gives you peace of mind knowing that your valuable and precious items are kept safe!

Having easy access to a secure and hidden wall safe gives you the added convenience of using this daily. This becomes even more convenient when the safe has a touch pad secret combination lock.

Most home owners who do have conventional large safes find it a hassle to put valuable items away on a daily basis.

The key is usually hidden in one place while the safe is stored away under a staircase or alike… A smaller wall safe fits into a conventional cupboard or hidden behind a painting and is securely installed into the drywall and fastened between the wooden studs. This makes it easily accessible to the home owner yet difficult to locate by an intruder of any person who is already in your home and looking for an opportunity to pocket something of significant value.

Precious items such as jewelry, cash, gold, credit cards and identification documents are easily located in a single safe location. Having a secure, hidden and dedicated place to keep your precious items provides you with peace of mind.