Window and Balcony Falls

July 22, 2014

A leading cause of injuries among children five years of age and under is falling from windows and balconies with a large proportion being fatal! These injuries are so common that each year, an entire week in April is dedicated to window safety in the United States.

New York City alone averaged 300 falls per year until 1976 when a new building code was introduced.

The code would require landlords to install window guards on all windows that had children under the age of ten years or any tenant that requested it.

Unfortunately, in Canada we are always slower to act and the result is deadly. The following is a few simple tips to prevent this terrible tragedy from happening.

1.)    Remove all furniture and other items from under the window or balcony.

2.)    Educate your children on the danger of pushing or leaning on the screens.

3.)    Keep all climbable items off the balcony.

4.)    Install security or safety products on all openings. These should be hinged for emergency escape.

5.)    Consider, screening off or webbing your balcony opening ( this will also keep out the birds )


Metalex has developed a product called “Balcony Web” and we would be happy to discuss this in detail upon request.

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