Repeat Burglaries

July 18, 2014

Unfortunately it seems that people are taken advantage of when they are most vulnerable and often get broken into multiple times after the first. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. Buglers don’t just choose any house; they are fantastic opportunists and look for things like open windows, weak doors and hidden points of entry that mark your house as an easy and safe target for them. If you’ve been broken into it usually means that your house is an easy target and therefore is likely to be targeted again.
  2. It is very common for the same criminals to break into a home multiple times. Since they will know the layout better the second time. Since they know the points of entry it is generally easier for them to get in again and because it takes them less time they have more time to search your house. Also they tend to wait a week or so for you to replace the possessions that were taken in the first break in.

When you do have a break in to prevent it from happening again the first thing you should do is identify why you were targeted. Was there a window that you left unlocked or large bushes at the front of your house that they could hide behind or even tools left in a unlocked shed? Whatever the reason it needs to be identified and addressed if you would like to not have the past repeat itself.

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