Energy Efficiency

July 11, 2014

With the rising cost of electricity and fossil fuels personally I am always looking for a way to minimize my energy costs. That said the biggest thing about our product that gets overlooked is the energy savings that it provides.


Security Screen Storm Doors

  1. In the summer when the screen is in I can leave my entry door open whenever I like as long as my storm door is locked and get carefree ventilation
  2. In the winter when the glass is installed the seal that our door creates from the weather stripping on the frame and the rubber that seals the bottom and the windows creates another layer between the elements and my entry door sealing in heat and saving money.
  3. If used instead of an alarm system I can save the energy costs that come from the constantly running alarm system.



Window Guards


  1. Much like our security screen doors our window guards completely secure your windows allowing me to leave my windows open and get as much carefree ventilation as I like.
  2. Also like our screen doors they prevent the cost of running an alarm system all year which can lead to considerable savings.

With the beautiful weather we’ve had this year who wouldn’t want to have a bit more ventilation?

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