The Hidden Cost of Alarms

June 27, 2014



In the eye of the passive observer an alarm system makes a lot of sense. They watch your home while you’re asleep or away and call the police or fire department if anything happens. So for a small monthly fee you feel secure. Unfortunately there are a few things that the alarm companies don’t tell you.

1)      Between 95% and 97% of calls (depending on the time of year) are false alarms.

2)      The Police regard calls from alarm companies as lowest priority and can take anywhere between 20-30 minutes for them to arrive. It only takes the average burglar 5 minutes to break and entre and be off with your valuables.

3)      In addition to this, if your call does turn out to be a false alarm, the police and fire department have introduced hefty fines. These charges range from $130.00 for the police to be called out, or if fire trucks are sent it is $410.00 per truck and it is protocol to send 3 trucks. So as you can see 1 false alarm can cost you well over $1200.00.

So although alarm systems seem like the most inexpensive option to protect your home they can be much more costly and certainly less effective than “real” more practical physical security options.

Do it Yourself Security Tips!


There are many wonderful products and ways on the market to protect your home and loved ones from a break and enter, but there are many other simple things you can do on your own to help deter burglars from choosing your home!

  1. Put a dog chain, large water bowl or raw hide bone around the front door of your house to make it seem as though you have a large dog. To the casual observer of your house this will make you a more formidable target and likely to be passed by for easier pickings.
  2. A very similar effect can be gained by leaving big work boots outside. Make them believe that a fight with you is the last thing they want.
  3. Planting short thorny bushes underneath windows makes it difficult for someone stand near enough to pry open your windows and keeping them short will stop them from having a place to hide.
  4. Consider putting your lights on timers especially when going on vacation. There is nothing more suspicious then someone with their porch light on all night or even worse day and night for multiple days!
  5. Don’t post your vacations and times that you’re away from your house on Facebook or other social media. You would be surprised how often break-ins are done by people you know.
  6. Lock your doors and windows at night! Most break-ins are a crime of opportunity, don’t give them one.
  7. Have a trusted neighbor cut your grass and shovel your driveway when you’re away so your house doesn’t look abandoned.
  8. Lock up all tools and ladders around your house as they can be valuable tools for someone looking to find a way in.

If you follow the above steps they may not stop someone after they’ve decided to try your houses defenses but they are very good at stopping people from trying.

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