Five Seconds Can Change Your Life… So Quickly Do We Forget?

Over the years of us being in the physical security business it has always puzzled me how the human mind can change from utter shock and panic to absolute complacency.

I am writing about the numerous times we have been called upon, often on the recommendation of the local police, to visit a home that has just been broken into where the owners have just been violated both physically and emotionally.

At that time when the memory of this terrible experience is so vivid, we are asked to quote and give advice on securing every possible entry point of the home to make sure that this life changing terrible experience can never happen again.

We start at the most obvious entry point, the front door.  One of the main reasons why the front door is the most vulnerable point of entry is that the burglar can walk straight up to the front door without bringing any attention to him and is completely “innocent” until the actual time of break and entry.

There is no loitering or sneaking around the back where if seen would bring attention to this suspicious behaviour.

Back to the main point of this blog – We would recommend a Security Screen/Storm door for the front.

Being made of steel, and hinged to swing outwards, this door cannot be “kicking” inward; the door is also fitted with all glass for the winter months and an interchangeable screen for the summer.

Not only would this give security to the home but would enable the occupant to leave the internal entry door open giving carefree ventilation during hot days and at the same time save on energy costs.

For the basement windows we would recommend our Guardian hinged type window guards, for the other ground floor windows we would recommend either our discrete colonial style window guards or for the more ornate look our Spanish window guards.

 Gatemadrid double patio gate

For Patio or French doors we would recommend a range of styles of patio gates or for the more subtle look, our Security Safe-T-Screen Hinged or Sliding Doors.

 Hammer Test Pic

Our initial work is done and the home owner is thrilled and anxious for us to submit our quote.

Much care and attention is made to detail and pricing as we know that time is of the utmost importance in order to give the home owner time to think things through allowing for budget restraints’ and personal taste.

The quote is emailed off and acknowledged with thanks!

Time goes by and much personal discussion takes place …. Discuss with the family, discuss with friends discuss with other companies supplying electronic security.

With this passing of time and procrastination the initial panic and anxiety lessen and the importance of “real” physical security does not seem to be that important anymore.

The items within the quote are either reduced or the complete idea of having security if forgotten.

… Until the neighbour up the road gets broken into.

Human nature ?????